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Flight 1 G1000 Kit

Here are some photos of the upcoming flight1 G1000 unit, if you want to be impressed and have an affordable trainer, this is the sim you need. This G1000 unlike other more expensive kits out there is affordable. Do not be fooled by those water downed G1000 that does 20% functionality – this G1000 will run circles around all of them!

Panama Upgrade

After much delays and complaints, I have taken this one by the horns. The folks at UNPAC had ordered an EFIS upgrade to the King Air simulator they own. Compare the before/after shot below:


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Below you will find a slide show -of my upgrade. This took four days to put together but at the end of the day it was very nice to see the possibility with the ELITE hardware/software.

Brazil Install

This install was in Curitiba Brazil, the heli a Dual Control AS-350 with 4 screen visual and GNS 530. This 4 day install was very interesting. I look forward to go back for the second unit.

Jetline Visit

As our company grows, we are looking to expand some areas of the business to streamline the process of making the ELITE Kits available to our customers quickly. I am so happy to have developed a business relationship with the awesome guys of Jetline Systems.

Both Greg and Kent are expert in the hardware world making the most out of every PC running ELITE and Prepa3d Software. They are in the process of making these external visual systems, for us. Here are some pictures from today’s meeting!


Foreflight Integration

Here are a few photos of the ELITE simulator working via WIFI with the foreflight iPAD app. I would like to thank Joerg and Jason for getting these two wonderful devices speaking to each other. For more information on the Foreflight app you can visit:

Note: this is not one of these expensive bluetooth options limited to 5 devices, you are truly limited to the amount of devices your router can carry. For more info on the simulator visit

CRJ Simulator

Here are some shots I took at the CRJ sim @ ASU…

Arizona State University installation

The great folks of ASU purchased a B200 simulator from us, click below to see the photos.

Testing the P3D network module

Well Fabian is our super hero for putting this plugin together, here are a few examples of ELITE software running P3D as an external visual. Considering it is an early BETA edition, it is running VERY stable and works with any ELITE system option. Also it adds other levels of realism such as rain/snow where it was not possible with ELITE Gen/Real View. 3 Dimensional clouds are a standard as well as a world database of major/private airports.
Photos of individual systems:

Air Orlando Oil Platform

AS350 Helicopter

King Air B200

King Air B200


TH-100 Helicopter


I have been busy at the office (hence not posting much), this puppy is finished and on the way to mexico soon!

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