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New G500 Simulation

At the office once more innovating the right way…no more expensive g500 GDU.

AS-350 Simulator

Here is my latest build, this is a build that mimics the AS-350 Airbus helicopter:


I would like to introduce the new FAA approved R22/44

Aeronaves TSM

I have not been posting in a while now, the holidays being a fact of life takes away from that free time I used to have. Here are some images from my latest trip to Mexico for a WAAS/RNAV upgrade.

Photos of my latest trip to Panama City, Panama

Gosh I miss the Balboa’s right now!

Pilotedge and ELITE

Here is a preview of something I have been working on. Both PilotEdge and ELITE has teamed up to bring both ATC and simulation together in the same environment.

Somewhere over the Florida sky

You could fin Wayne and I blasting to KGIF. Click below for more photos:

Embraer Factory

Here are some quick images where the new legacy resides. It was placed in an amazing demo room:

Shooting some sims at the office

Here are some photos of the units up for sale…

Detroit Install

A quick to visit to Detroit reveals an install in Construction Helicopters, check out the photos below:

My foot goes to sleep.