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B-200 NG

Time to go back to the turboprop land. I think this one is almost FTD level.


Meanwhile @ KUAO

The AS-350 needs also some relocating… #rotorhead

KLAL Gets a Seneca III

IAA gets a new Seneca III with CLS.


The twin star gets a new visual system for the IFR guys to… go IFR 😉

New G500 Simulation

At the office once more innovating the right way…no more expensive g500 GDU.

AS-350 Simulator

Here is my latest build, this is a build that mimics the AS-350 Airbus helicopter:


I would like to introduce the new FAA approved R22/44

Aeronaves TSM

I have not been posting in a while now, the holidays being a fact of life takes away from that free time I used to have. Here are some images from my latest trip to Mexico for a WAAS/RNAV upgrade.

Photos of my latest trip to Panama City, Panama

Gosh I miss the Balboa’s right now!

Pilotedge and ELITE

Here is a preview of something I have been working on. Both PilotEdge and ELITE has teamed up to bring both ATC and simulation together in the same environment.

My foot goes to sleep.