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Flying to KARW

There is nothing like running in to an F-35 on climb out.

Flying to KSPG

There is nothing like lunch in St. PETE via Cardinal:

Caribe Hilton, Condado

Let’s just say this is the place to stay, I am MEGA impressed by the staff/location and amazing views in this place.

South West Air Museum Tour

Boys and girls, I decided to take a week long trip to the US southwest, and what would you know. Museum-Galore. I hope the kids did not mind since they were along for the ride. Below you will find some images in separate gallery illustrating some amazing collection.

Yanks Air Museum

Planes of Fame Air Museum

Lyon Air Museum

March Air Museum

NYC Trip

So this place is not my cup of tea:

Downtown Orlando

Here are some images from downtown Orlando from “Above”

AS-350 Simulator

Here is my latest build, this is a build that mimics the AS-350 Airbus helicopter:

HAI 2014

Once more another HAI show in Orlando, here are the highlights of the show:


I would like to introduce the new FAA approved R22/44

Aeronaves TSM

I have not been posting in a while now, the holidays being a fact of life takes away from that free time I used to have. Here are some images from my latest trip to Mexico for a WAAS/RNAV upgrade.

My foot goes to sleep.